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Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_fatpack-version.png   Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_aqua-bakelite.png   Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_green-bakelite.png   Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_green-celluloid.png   Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_ivory-celluloid.png  

Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_multi-celluloid.png   Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_pink-celluloid.png   Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_tortoiseshell.png   Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses-eclectica-cafe-life-glasses_yellow-bakelite.png  

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Eclectica Cafe Life Glasses

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The Eclectica 'Cafe Life' glasses are an original mesh creation, inspired by late 40's/early 50's summer holiday style. The colours and textures came from the look of early 20c celluloid plastics. I love the way they can look vibrant but with a layer of aging. They are copy/mod, in 8 unscripted versions, with one scripted fatpack version. (A single removable 64kb script)

They are totally tintable, and you are free to tweak transparency/shine/hue, so go for it. No nuked lime green please, or glow above 10, or I will come hunt you down and nobody wants to see that.*

There's a demo pack in the store, and you may always IM me to make any extra queries.

*please note that I have never resorted to this, as it's never happened.

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