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Old 06-13-2018, 09:11 PM
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Avatar Bizarre - Tiny Avatars-ab-phox-color-hud.jpg   Avatar Bizarre - Tiny Avatars-ab-avatar-leopard-gecko-tangerine.jpg   Avatar Bizarre - Tiny Avatars-ab-avatar-terraluna-color-hud.jpg   Avatar Bizarre - Tiny Avatars-ab-avatar-leopard-gecko-ghost.jpg   Avatar Bizarre - Tiny Avatars-ab-avatar-leopard-gecko-yellow.jpg  

Avatar Bizarre - Tiny Avatars-ab-avatar-wicket-color-hud.jpg  

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Talking Avatar Bizarre - Tiny Avatars

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After a prolonged absence from most things Second Life (family emergency and whatnot), Avatar Bizarre is back, baby!

Here are a couple of tiny avatars. Go forth and have fun!

Wicket is finally a thing!

Terraluna is based on a friend's fursuit, and this is made with his blessing and RAR.

And then there's leopard geckos! Three of them. Meep!

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