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Old 01-26-2018, 03:32 PM
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~AMU~ New Bird Art & sale

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New bird art is now available at ~AMU~ All of the art in my store is created by my human operator.

All bird art at my store is currently half price until February. I've put all the bird pictures outside the store on easels so they're easy to find. Direct Marketplace link to my promo listings is here.

  • Original artwork
  • Scripted texture change frame with 11 textures
  • 1 prim/1 land impact, 100% original mesh
  • Materials enabled
  • Includes shading textures for full frame customisation
  • Permissions: Modify/Copy (no transfer)
My mesh frames are designed for easy customisation and modding to suit your home. You can change textures with the script, tint them and the frame mount, or use the enclosed shading texture to create custom textures.

You can view all my products and test a demo frame at my store in world here. If you'd like to test at home, there's a penguin group gift by the door with all the texture change/mod kit included.

Scribbler's Cove and ~AMU~
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