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Fantasy Faire - Avatar Bizarre Skatterimp Avatar-ab-skaterimp-male-purple-copy.jpg   Fantasy Faire - Avatar Bizarre Skatterimp Avatar-ab-skatterimp-female-teal-copy.jpg   Fantasy Faire - Avatar Bizarre Skatterimp Avatar-ab-skatterimp-male-green.jpg   Fantasy Faire - Avatar Bizarre Skatterimp Avatar-ab-skatterimp-female-black.jpg   Fantasy Faire - Avatar Bizarre Skatterimp Avatar-ab-skatterimp-male-red.jpg  

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Talking Fantasy Faire - Avatar Bizarre Skatterimp Avatar

Category: Avatars
Type: Mesh
Price: 150
Permissions: No Trans

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AB-Skatterimp-on-tour-Egrigore by Sredni Eel, on Flickr

Just a fun little materials enhanced critter for exploring around the Fairelands and beyond. Available in a bunch of colors, and includes a color change HUD for the eyes.

RFL Purply stripey limited edition, available only at the Faire, is also available.

Male and female versions!

Avatar Bizarre is located on the Chaddul Ro sim.

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That SLURL doesn't work. Can't find your booth anywhere near it.
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This one should work.
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w00w, Sredni is back in building mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I thought for a second you were making a Skitter/Imp avatar from Worm.
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