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Mesh Heads: Genus?

Has anyone here been able to get this new mesh head? I tried going to the store because I picked up applier demos for it from Glam Affair, but the parcel the store is on has ban lines and it's not accessible. Cam shopping into the store, there is a demo box and a buy box, but neither is working. It's supposed to be out this week (I think?), and there are tons of shapes and skins for the head on the Marketplace, but the head is not available. Anyone know what's going on?
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The Genus head hasn't been released yet. They had a limited (3 day?) sale of a beta version and removed that head immediately afterward. It's no longer for sale.

No one knows when the final version will be released, but I don't think it will be anytime soon. And honestly, I don't think I'd be interested in it when it is released because of the way they walked away from Genesis heads support.
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Genesis Lab is still a company from what I understand Genus Lab is a few people who left
Genesis Lab and formed their own company Instead of going with a new name etc they are trying to get a lot of GL customers .
I am still in the Genus Lab group and they sent out a notice that they are working on the head but it will take time. They
are having trouble with the Omega aspect.. .... Personally I am sticking with Genesis Lab.
The price for this head after the beta is 5,500 that is even more than a Catwa head.

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Actually, originally, the Genus Project was formed by the entire Genesis Lab team except for the scripter, who stayed behind with Genesis Lab (and who is not doing support for those heads either, btw). Of course, that could have changed by now, and probably has... Sinking ships and all that.

Certainly one of the Genus Project creators got on group chat just recently warning that nothing was going to happen soon because they worked 5 days a week elsewhere, and so could only work on the Genus head on weekends and a couple hours a night, and there was "a lot" left to do. So I wouldn't hold my breath.
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FYI the early access for this head is open again, I am not sure for how long. Group members can purchase the beta version of the head for 3000L. The group is free to join.

Strawberry Singh reviewed the head
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