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Picture Dogland Park The Only Dog Park to See
Even with no clinic, Dogland Park improves. Without the restrictions and limits placed on Dogland by Enrico Genosse, the park has become more of what the VKC Dog Owners Open Chat Group wanted. There are always fully trained VKC and D&D dogs available for relocation at great low costs. We also now no longer must cater to the wishes of others, concerning telling truth about certain vendors products that are bad for our SL dogs. Dogland support team can now be perfectly honest with all about which products are best for your dogs. I was concerned at first about losing the clinic, but you guys have shown that you prefer the park, open, and honest, and without VKC officials "calling the shots" about what you see at the park, and what you hear in group notices, or say in group chat! Congrats to all!
14 04-18-2011 08:56 AM