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Full Perm Mess on MP

A number of accounts are blatantly reselling full-perm items from various merchants. The original full-perm owners are going crazy trying to knock it all down. The folks at Underground have filed 83 DMCAs already this month and it seems a new seller pops up with unchanged ads, reselling someone else's hard work. Search the MP for full perm and list newest first. I know there are rules about taking stuff off the MP and DMCA requirements, but this is ridiculous.

Some full-perm sellers are actually buying their own stuff and leaving scathing 1 star reviews, but all that does is piss off the crooks and they post even more stuff.
REFRAIN FROM BUYING!!! This is illegal stolen content, A DCMA has been filed against this person, as a result you may loose your inventory.
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But it refused. <3

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Ha, they're not even changing Meli's naming convention.
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yeah it really pisses me off when I come across people ripping pink fuels skins
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