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Bellefleurs looking for hostesses

Bellefleurs currently sits on Adult land (feel free to explore the grounds Second Life Maps | Twist of Fate), but hosts no direct Adult events. This is because most Bellefleurs staff also works for House Sakura, which is an Adult business. We're going to be looking for more Blossoms--our term for Sakura courtesans--but right now, we're looking for hostesses for Bellefleurs events.

Right now, we have three, though we're open to more:

Mondays, previously at 8:30pm SLT, En Garde duels in the back garden. Currently on hiatus, no permanent host. Should have a knowledge of En Garde, but not essential, as we have En Garde players willing to explain.

Thursdays, the Steampunk Social, at 7:30pm SLT. This runs when we have a DJ, though if you have stream experience to run your own set, that would be wonderful. Knowledge of steampunk music and genres is a must, though again, we have people who can talk you through the basics.

Sundays, the Salon, 7:30 pm SLT. Classical music. Generally run by Lynn Mimistrobell, who would also be who you'd contact with a notecard if you're interested, though if we find another hostess with classical music experience, that would also be great.

Rules and restrictions:

* Female avatars preferred. We're not saying outright no to males, though keep in mind, this is adjunct to a sex-themed business that mostly features a male clientele, so we'd prefer female avatars.

* Furs allowed, though Bellefleurs and Sakura are generally human-only (or human-appearing only) businesses. That's not my call; I tried to get the sim owner to allow at least ears and tails, as I'm half catgirl, and she balked, so...there you are. But we will hire furs willingly if their talents line up with what we need. I asked.

* The 'hiring' is mostly, you get to put out a tip jar and keep the tips, though talk to Lynn, she may have an actual salary in mind.

* NO ALL CAPS SHOUTING. Plz no shouting. It's not that kind of place. By the same extension, no multi-line gesture-spamming, spitting out lots of non-traditional characters, et cetera. Preferably no noise-based gestures, either.

We'd have one group, Bellefleurs, that you'd need to join, nothing else. Advertising elsewhere is up to you, just remember the crowd we've been trying for is mostly from the steamlands. We are willing to reach farther, but we've mostly been advertising our events through Caledon (Independent State of Caledon group), Mondrago and Rosehaven Estates (formerly Winterfell).

We're also open to suggestions for other events, should you have them. Feel free to ask questions about anything I might not have covered!

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