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Originally Posted by Ranma Tardis View Post
Maybe not now but when the open date for two is announced yes. My guess is once two is open one will be discontinued quickly. If you are lucky will be able to keep your name. After all one will just distract from two and use resources that could be used on two.

Remember Linden Labs does not give a plugged yen for its customers. In fact just closing one could make them money by taking a loss on their taxes.

Do you think selling something that will become useless soon is ethical?
Nobody is forcing us to buy it. If you have misgivings, keep your money in your wallet. Personally, I have no plans to curtail my SL spending. The money I spend on SL is disposable entertainment money, I don't expect to see any tangible return on it other than how it adds to my enjoyment of my time in SL.

I will be with SL Original Recipe for as long as it's open in all likelihood. I'm not the pioneering type, I will not be among the first to try the Next One. I see a few good years at the very least.
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I find the timeline for Betterworld a little ambitious. Maybe a lot ambitious. In June TNW blogged:
But, with 11 years of running a profitable business under its belt, Linden Lab believes it can create a new world that appeals to a wider audience. “It’s a massive project to do a new virtual world. To start from the ground up we’re hiring 40-50 more people,” Altberg told TNW.
Still hiring in June? In fact, if you look at their job openings, still building the engineering team now? Is Don Laabs really that much of a miracle worker, to have a beta SL replacement six months from now or so, with such a raw team? Rob Anderberg is a good and sincere engineer, but I doubt he can drive such a juggernaut.

There aren't a whole lot of folks left from the original SL project. Will Betterworld have near the scope of SL? The ability to accommodate so many different second lives? They keep saying it will appeal to a broader audience. Perhaps by being much much simpler?

I have to say that when I look at their job reqs, gems like this made-for-failure Sr. Director Business Ops job description don't give me confidence. Here's a senior finance job from Magic Leap: Magic Leap At least it's an achievable, coherent set of tasks. The LL job zooms from individual contributer to community manager to project coordinator to corporate strategist. I look at this and say, does LL really quite know what it's doing?

Then I look at that sentence and laugh at myself.
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