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Sumar Morgan has passed

Hey guys! Been away from SL for a while... I wish I had a more positive reason to pop back up - but I thought I should help get the word out for those that knew Sumar:

Sumar Morgan (Susan Martin in RL) passed away on the 23rd, after a long & painful battle with cancer. She was an integral part of the Shelter, and will be sorely missed. She was one of the original hosts of our game Payment Podium, and as the oldest RL member of the Shelter she often served as our den mother of sorts. Some of you may have met her at an SLCC or two, or at the live music events she frequented.

In the last years of her life, she dealt with an unthinkable amount of physical pain - some of which extended to her hands & made it very difficult to play Second Life. Still, she persisted - although it shortened her patience, and with those who didn't know the 'old' Sumar, developed a little bit of a reputation for being short-tempered as a result of all that pain. While we'll all miss her sorely, its relieving to know that she's at peace now.

We have a memorial setup for her at the Shelter - if you knew her, please feel welcome to stop by.

Sumar Morgan
May 7, 2004 - August 23, 2009

Susan Martin
1939 - 2009
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Peeps Tsar
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I did not know her, but I am very sorry to hear about this.
"A certain darkness is needed to see the stars" ~ Osho

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I've had many pleasant conversations with Sumar over the years... I'll miss her, indeed.

Thanks, Travis.
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Man...that's two people from my Friends List in 5 days.

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I remember that name from when I was a noob at The Shelter, if I remember correctly -she helped me learn the basics. If it wasn't for the old-school Shelter gurus, my life would be changed totally. I wouldn't have become interested in SL if it wasn't for that crew.
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Sumar was one of the people at the Shelter who taught me the basics of SL. If not for her and a few others I met at the Shelter I wouldn't still be here after almost 3 years.
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the marginal
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I'm very sad to hear this. Sumar was fabulous.

My condolences to her rl family and her family in sl.
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