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Talking Favorite breedables?

First things first, I apologize for making a lot of topics. I'm just genuinely curious about your opinions.

I was wondering what your favorite types of breedables are in Second Life.

I've tried three types of breedables already, and this is how I rank them so far from fave to least fave:

1. Fawns (Very adorable!)

2. sion Chickens (cute and somewhat realistic behavior)

3. Buildables (like the robot theme and they're cool as well)

I like them all, though.
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I've tried a number of Breedables: Ozimals Bunnies and Pufflings (gone now), Papillons, Mossms, KittyCatS.

My current favorite is KittyCatS. Love how well the designers have captured cat behaviors, and loving puzzling out the genetics.
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My favorite kind is 'other peoples' after the bunnehs...never again.
But I sure think the Meeroos are cute, our ballet director has some and she put a few backstage for a while, their sounds and scampering are fun.
I prefer the non-breeding, non-eating animated pets like Jian's chinchillas or HPMD little birds and weasels.
I'd probably also like a purse dog if I thought about it a bit...
I think I have some Amaretto bundles if those are still a thing...I never birthed them.
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