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Originally Posted by Argent Stonecutter View Post
Just stop. Please. I've tried doodling and sketching on butcher paper and chalk on the sidewalk and drawing on the right side of the brain. For decades. It doesn't work for me. What does, sometimes, is treating it like a coding problem and tweaking it forever, but that's not art, that's just moving the lines until by chance they line up. Enough.

I can't understand how anyone can not figure out basic structured programming constructs, but there are people like that too. So I have to accept it.

You're not accomplishing anything by pushing this new age theory that I'm not doing it right, sticking my tongue out the wrong side of my mouth, if I could just step back and maybe do some meditation I'd break through. No. Just drop it, OK?
Well, I didn't actually plan on responding again anyway, you're clearly offended, I was only trying to encourage you, but ok, dropped.
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