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searching old posts

I was just reading some of my first threads for laughs ;-)

I can search in "threads started" all the way back to 2008 but can only find "posts" from 2010.

Is there anyway to find my posts from Sept/Oct 2008?

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is fiesty!

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I believe they drop off after x amount of time.
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Search in vBulletin limits post count on any kind of search results to 500 total. It's set that way to keep such queries from loading down the server.

For anything where I can't go back far enough, I just jump on Google and specify this site for my search:

There's no organization by date, though.
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thank the deities!
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Betty qui?!
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If you filter by sub forums and select "a year ago" and "older" in the drop downs, you might be able to get pretty far back since you don't have a gazillion posts.

Here are your results for General SL Discussion. Goes back to October 2008.

SLUniverse Forums - Search Results
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