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Food Discuss your unnatural emotional attachment to cheese and other such food related vices.

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It's all because you didn't eat your vegetables... as a kid.

Originally Posted by Kamilah Hauptmann View Post
What you have already basically says it all.
Originally Posted by Aimee Weber View Post
Who would have thought WacoNegraUnpluged Resident would end up being a problem?
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I'm not going to go into the circular clusterfuck of doom with you.
Originally Posted by Robble Rubble View Post
I'll admit it feels bizarre for me to say this but.... STOP FEEDING THE TROLL
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Clearly, I'm done for - I've never been a breakfast sort at all (though it was a bit more of a thing early on, mostly when dropping my brother off for swimming training; we'd head off for breakfast at the department store. Which was, I think, my introduction to the joys of hog's pudding, a now sadly neglected variant of black pudding, minus the blood), and lunch.. eh, only because it was provided by the school. By nature, I'm much more inclined toward the Mediterranean way of leaving the main meal until evening. =:9

As for vegetables - well, perhaps unsurprisingly, I've always been fine with them. = I didn't like mushrooms per se until I was about twelve, though, when I realised how good they could be on pizza. And tomatoes - well, let's face it, the usual junk really is pretty horrible. There, I think it was tasting tomatoes from Dad's allotment - quite a revelation. ^_^ (And peas too, wow! Gods, straight from the pod.. really amazing)

Of course, I'm just remembering things how I remember them - I'll have to check what Mum's recollection is as to whether I was a picky eater. ^_^
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But it refused. <3

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It's all because you didn't eat your vegetables... as a kid.-sushi-tengu.jpg
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