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Lots of Sim Favorites!

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I have a whole list of favorite places.

Second Life Maps | Stratography

The Ippos Collective
Second Life Maps | Pegasoi

The Wastelands-its 4 sims of post apoc setting with one fully desert
Second Life Maps | The Sand Seas

The Looking Glass and Ballroom
Second Life Maps | Horizon Dream
Second Life Maps | Horizon Dream

If you like Doctor Who try New London and New Cardiff
Second Life Maps | TARDIS

Elysium City of Templemore
Second Life Maps | Templemore

Storybrooke Gardens
Second Life Maps | Baja Norte

Second Life Maps | Netherfeild

Skye Castle Showroom
Second Life Maps | Skye Elgol

The Mystical Fae Forest
Second Life Maps | Elvenshire

And my favorite
Shades of Immortality which the slurl is above.

So thats my list. Its what I use for pictures depending on genre.

Want proof? Here you go Liyah Deloncroix/Cambion Designs Flickr

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