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Question Driving Vehicles Locations (bikes, cars, planes, boats, whatever)

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So, I wondered why the official forums seem, well, no nice way to say it, kinda dead then I realised someone linked to here where I see proverbial dots on the radar so my hunt begins.

Hopefully this is allowed cause I'm not advertising a place but kinda asking others opinions, can anyone share some good locations for driving? I am on a motorbike predominately that's a partial custom and decently low scripts for sim crossings, I would love it if I could drive mainland more but, some days are better than others and the sim crossings can become a real drag.

I've been to a few race track type places, the ones that go up and up and up... Then, up some more....

They are ok, but... idk, I think I like mainland cause it has the feeling of exploration to it. Like, I read a post over there by one guy asking about Rez zones and maps and I guess I'm kinda doing that already, I'm hunting Rez zones and building up a library of landmarks.

While I don't want it all handed too me either because the exploration makes it fun, I wouldn't mind some of you all's favourite places to get on your bike and go off in road-trip mode.

Now, the bike is specific to me but, I know how frustrating it is, so can we make this a one stop shop thread, for people wanting to sail/fly/drive etc?

Selfish reasons entirely, I wanna buy a nice boat, and maybe a helicopter some day that's not script as all hell...

/me Glares at the gorgeous overpriced sex boat in her inventory that is unstably over scripted...

Hope people feel like sharing some nice spots.

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I think the mountain road on Heterocera is my favourite road to travel along and explore...


But they are nearly all worth a trip, especially those on the first continent, and others on the second continent. But there are great roads ont he other continents too.

As for vehicle of choice for mainland exploring it is currently Arton Rotaru's Quatrelle beautifully made and handles crossings incredibly smoothly


For a bike well I normally use one of ZZBottom's bikes but they aren't sold. The scripts used are in their cheap cars like this one...


if you ask ZZBottom nicely she might sell you a bike.

Another option for a Bike are Jayra's bikes they are a bit more heavily scripted, but I know other explorers recommend them and they are some of my favourite bikes for cruising around.

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driving , flying , rez , rezzing , sailing

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