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Large(ish) Mesh Houses

Hey guys. First post here so forgive me if I've overlooked any rules or done something wrong.

I'm on the hunt for a mesh house and having a lot of trouble so far. Skyboxes are easy to find, but finding good quality ground houses is proving to be a lot more difficult. To give some specifics, I'm looking for a larger house (not massive/mansion-like), I guess more of a family type home, preferably under 250 LI but definitely not higher than 300 LI. I'd prefer something high quality, since the area I'm looking to move to requires that houses look upscale and contemporary.

I've checked out several places already and so far Roost and Redgrave seem to be the best options and more akin to what I'm looking for. However, they're also extremely popular so I'd like to keep looking for others to see what else might be out there and to make sure I don't end up with the exact same house as one of my neighbors.

If anyone can direct me to some other stores that might have what I'm looking for, I would greatly appreciate it.
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You can try La Galleria and Spargel & Shine.

Just the first two that come to mind here.
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You might look into InVerse. I have bought several homes from there. They are nice looking and affordable. I am not sure how mesh they are though.

You can rez demos in the store.
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Elements still has large mesh house's
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Let me add Barnesworth & Anubis to the list. (they generally accept wallpaper and shingles well, if you're into DIY)

For top quality, I'd say Domineaux's "Old Orchard Cottage", within your LI limit. Unless you have a family, then it might be a tight squeeze. If you go see it, check out the "Darkwood Manor". 393 LI, but it would definitely impress your neighbors!
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Mesh, within your prim budget and very affordable ( especially if you buy ar collabor88 event) very individual designs , one of my favs, along with Bourne & BA, and LAQ.
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Barnesworth & Anubis sound like what you are looking for I have 3 of their houses and love them!
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