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Summer Night Games in the Isle of Forbidden Fantasy
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08-11-2018 to 08-12-2018 03:00 PM to 02:30 AM

as Written by Hope " Hear YE Hear YE!

You are hereby invited to our summer games.
The winner of each set games will get a prize.

Date: Saturday 11th

Noon: Play Kubb and win .(Location Beach)

1PM SLT Jousting match:Bring your own horse and lance
Prize:600 lidens Gift card for L&R plus bragging rights.

3pm slt Archery Match:We will provide the bows a target.Try to hit the target get the best score.
First Place earns a Prize DDD] Gift Card 1000L$

5pm slt Catch the Lamb if ye can slippery devils! First place gets a [DDD] Gift Card : 500L$ (location village)))

6pm slt Wizard/Witch Duel Become the Grand Wizard or Witch
First Prize:Earn the Title and bragging rights get 2 exp and Ore sense-able request from the seer.

8pmslt TAVERN Drinking game be last to survive free drink night! First place Shack Gift Box - Vouchers = 500 L$ Location village tavern

There many mini games around the sim and in the tents check them out!"
NC in Group has LM's
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