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DMCA Tracking This is a specialized forum for tracking DMCA filing statuses. Details of the DMCAs are private, this forum is for tracking whether they have been resolved.

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New DMCA filing. Same as an old DMCA filing.

Date DMCA Filed: 09152014

More content relating to a previous DMCA filing I posted about here.

Again, more content using prims made from well known TPV/banlist object creator, this time verifiably using my original sculpt UUIDs and being resold as full perm freebies by another well known pirate-themed freebie seller.

While the content is very old at this point, it's the principle of the matter. Freebie seller has even included the following with her releases: "Terms of Use: Use these items any way you see fit; copy and modify them, incorporate them into your projects, give them away. The only stipulation is: YOU CANNOT SELL THESE ITEMS AS IS! If you make significant modifications and improvements, you are free to offer that value added product for sale."
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I'm sorry this happened to you, Aki. If you ever want someone to vent to I'm happy to listen!
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Oh not good Aki, doesn't make any difference how old it is, you have the right to defend your IP. Good luck and sorry this happened to you.
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