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Temp uploads gone?

I just noticed this in the Firestorm release notes:

Attempting to upload a temporary texture or snapshot on a serverside appearance enabled region results in an “Unable to upload asset” notification. The server will no longer support this feature once serverside appearance is turned on
This is gonna get expensive as I use temp uploads a lot for testing - I could move to the beta grid for that, but my inventory is never up-to-date over there.
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You can still rely on local bitmaps to test textures for free. The only thing is that they won't appear for others. (^_^)
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For me the real beauty of local textures is that they update automatically and instantly. By the time I've saved changes to a bitmap and switched to SL it's already been applied. Usually.
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I think a lot of people still don't know what Local Textures is, or that it's built into the viewer.

It basically takes the place of Temp Textures, allowing you to apply textures to inworld objects while the textures are still on your Hard Drive.
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Local textures do have a lot of advantages (even if they do crash me after I've done 10 or less). But I do a lot of custom or joint texturing projects which rely on the other avi to see the texture and give input, so I will miss temp uploads. I also like to use temp textures when I spot an issue or glitch in a friends work so that I can show them what I'm seeing quickly and at no cost. I know there are work a rounds, but they aren't as simple.
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Maybe the cheapest and easiest workaround to show others your locally applied textures could be screenshot tools with auto-upload. Welcome to Gyazo : Seriously Instant Screen-Grabbing is probably the most common tool in SL, even though the free version is pretty heavy on advertising spam on the display page.
But when you got your own bit of webspace to upload to, there are stand-alone programs for the same effect - minus the ads. I use upscreen and got its shortcut mapped to a keyboard hotkey. Works perfectly for me.
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