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I'm going on break
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I haven't posted in a while. I'm currently working on a sort of chiton thing for the Kemono and Avatar 2.0 meshes. I'm experimenting with sculpting in Blender to try to make wrinkles and the like. The outfit itself is a bit naughty, because it's basically the size of a tea towel, so I'm not sure if I will post it here. So far, it's been going ok, but I hate the knot I've tried to make in the sash. Originally it was just going to be a rounded cuboid to approximate the knot, but that looks terrible. So... I'm trying to make a know using Blender paths. Here's the latest attempt, although I have no idea how I'll integrate it into the chiton itself. Well... one problem at a time.

The basic technique here: paths for the two straps. A circular path squished and converted to a rectangle by adjusting the control points is used as the profile along the path. Then I added two more paths to control the taper. Thoughts for improvement of this? It's been a royal pain in the ass trying to get the knot to flow at all correctly. Paths can be kind of touchy.

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But it refused. <3

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So I turned off the PRS for awhile and a wild brownstone appeared:

Some days you herp a derp, sometimes the derp herps you.
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Well against my own dsicion to stop making stuff,
i was talked back into it from some buddys.


Here we go


Meshes as a whole!
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I was threaten!!
Really .. people are cruel these days!!

I had to work on one of the old ones ... so cruel ....

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