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Importing OBJ into blender/Exporting to SL

Does anyone know where to find a tutorial on importing OBJ into Blender and prepping it for exporting to SL? I have no problems with the exporting part, but certain things that I import don't export for whatever reason so I imagine that I am missing lots of steps because those particular files are more complicated.

1. Import OBJ file into blender
Export to SL

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2. Split screen to two, the right one can be set to UV Map view

3. (Object Mode) Covert Object Type>Mesh

4. (Edit Mode) Select all Vertices (look to the UV Map edit window and you will see the model unwrapped generally on it's own but small.

5. goto the UV Map (pieces and hit S to scale them up and then b to select each distinct piece as needed and put into place making sure it fits within the parameters (i.e 64x64 , 512x512, etc. )

6. goto Render>>Bake Second Life Sculpties (if you get a small black line near the bottom adjust the lowest section of your model in the UV map with scale or Position, and rebake

7. save image ,and preview as sculpt in SL viewer .

**I experimented with this technique the last few days and found that the .Obj can NOT be too complex in nature (i.e. a head for example is still going to have attributes such as the teeth placement etc.**

Ofcourse I'm sure there are more proficient means of accomplishing this task, but thought I would offer my insight

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