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Springtime for Santa

Posted 04-27-2011 at 05:33 AM by Vitolo Rossini
Updated 05-01-2011 at 10:49 PM by Vitolo Rossini (spelling)

"Let the good times roll..."
In a world far away, there was a King who allowed the Lords of the various Manors to celebrate the holy days as they each would see best.
Most of the Lords held feasts at Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Some had grand parties to entertain themselves and please their guests.
In the midst of the Holiday Celebrations, the Lord of one Manor that had fallen from popularity with the masses noticed the Owners of the lands surrounding him holding fine celebrations with mirth overflowing through the air and trees. This agitated the lonely ruler, and he decided to create some excitement in hopes that his Manor would also be blessed by visits from the surrounding Kingdom's populace.
On a Parchment in the town square the following day it was official! Santa Clause himself was to be at the currently all but vacant Manor and would be allowing all to sit on his lap to tell him in his ear what it is they want as a gift (selection limited- please refer to fine print). There were many other conditions and limitations besides those found in the "fine print". This amused some, and made others scoff.
Nonetheless, the Lord rented the finest Santa suit for his court Jester who practiced his "HO HO HO" as the Manor was prepared, and velvet ropes threaded along either side of a long red carpet which led up to the bright red Santa.
One or two straggled in to see Santa, whose "HO HO" had begun to lose it's "HO".
Santa sat until closing time, not very occupied. As Christmas eve was done, and the Community at large settled down, a New parchment was found at the square!
" We had such fun with all of you and Santa that we have decided that Christmas will be held today also… Santa awaits your visit".
Santa's bright Red suit had a few wrinkles by now, and the elastic on his beard had stretched a bit from pulling it down to wipe the sweat from his upper lip.
He rinsed his mouth to hide the smell of depression (over having to repeat this performance to another empty house)
He sat up straight.
Nobody came.
The Lord posted a new Parchment the next day.
"You all have had such a grand time, that we will be having Santa here for you to see right through January!"
Santa's suit became tattered day by day as nobody came. He became depressed, and quit. The Lord not wanting all of this grand fun to end, stuck a mannequin into the Santa suit. "Nobody will notice it isn't Santa, if I add a little music!"
There sat the Lord of the manner, with his music, day by day, waiting. The red carpet worn thin from him pacing it's length alone. The cheap material of the Santa suit hung limply and loosely (and dirty now also from daily handling, as the once new Santa mannequin was adjusted from it's daily slouch).
Sad and lonely Christmas Music plays through the January air. The camera pans the view of the tattered scene with it's scratchy recorded Christmas music. The view now shrinks back and the Lord, and Santa Mannequin get smaller as the camera shows the sky view of the lands below.
Calm fills the air, and the population moves on.
At one Manor House, no line has formed to date to see Santa, as a mannequin lies in the snow... silent.
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    Originally Posted by Brig McD View Comment
    I'm not sure how to take this story Vitolo. Is everything ok?
    Everything is great! The story is just a bizarre piece of imagery. Take it as prose!
    Posted 05-04-2011 at 11:40 AM by Vitolo Rossini Vitolo Rossini is offline