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Buster Comes to SL

Posted 04-17-2011 at 08:40 AM by Vitolo Rossini

It's been a long time coming!
When I came to SL I brought all that was important to me in RL with me. My wedding band was my first item back in the begining. I then brought my RL clothing, including my exact cucifix! My RL tattoo was next on the list. I finally brought photos of my loved ones, and I sculpted a duplicate of my RL Fedora passed down by my Uncle.
Long ago my wife said it would be nice if I could recreate our RL Dog Buster. It would be nice I thought to have my RL service dog here. Back then I did not know how to do what I can now, and thought this a faraway dream.
Dogland Dog's Rhoda Menu Pups will release "Buster" by Easter.
Buster good friend, welcome aboard!
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