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SL--The Adventure Continues IV

Posted 09-04-2008 at 06:31 PM by Rema Quandry

I was attacked again on my property by yet another idiot.
AR'd this joker too . . . on the spot.

I just checked and he's no longer in SL, so perhaps he got booted.

Anyway, my builds are progressing . . . and I continue to learn. I'm on my third building now.

Lately, I've been dabbling in fire and water objects and scripts. Great fun trying to get more realistic effects than what I've seen elsewhere in similar products.

I've also acquired more land (geez, the costs can mount up fast!) ; and I'm trying to create a place that's very pleasant to go to. So far, lots of trees, a fountain, a creek with waterfall and running water, and an old Roman shrine. And I'm getting lots of experience as a terraformer.

My biggest problem now is my lack of business experience in SL. For instance, I don't know enough yet about "vendors" and how financial transactions are handled in SL.

I just started monitoring the forums here and elsewhere for any and all business advice on how to set up a shop that attracts visitors; how to work with such places such as SLExchange and OnRez; and how to interact with web resources that tie in.

And I've been monitoring various builder and scripter groups to see what I can learn (anyone got any recommendations?)

Haven't done much socially on SL . . . yet. Perhaps after I create enough salable items to support my developing SL habit . . . then it'll be time to "network" more.


--- Rema
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    123 Delete...
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    Y'know, it might be better to socialise and network first. Get yourself known. Get your builds known -- word of mouth works wonders, especially in a population as (relatively!) small as in SL.
    Posted 09-12-2008 at 01:28 PM by Ben Hoark Ben Hoark is offline