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SL: A New World Adventure- Part 1

Posted 07-03-2008 at 03:34 PM by Rema Quandry


I'm a RL acquaintance of "The Sojourner" who died about a month ago. She'd been trying to get me to try SL for the last year or so. I'd promised her that I'd do so . . . and, up until now, I hadn't. I wish I had while she was still alive to see me here. Anyway, here I am, both out of curiosity . . . and in tribute to the person I knew. (Check out the Dreams Region, in SL, to learn about who she was and what she did)

And, surprise, surprise, today's my avatar's one month birthday . . . and what an adventure this month has been.

Sometime during the first week I was logged into SL, I ran into a griefer. Every time I tried to walk or fly away, he did something to me that prevented me from moving. All the while, his talk was wheadling, cajoling, trying to get me to come on to him.

If we'd been in RL, I'd have decked him then and there. As it was, I teleported away . . . and that did the trick.

I wish I'd been a little more knowledgeable. I'd have filed an abuse report. Oh well. Next time for sure. Anyway, I found a very useful HUD that should offer me some protection from harrassment in the future.

For the most part, the SL experience has been fun and interesting. Over the last few weeks I've visited myriad clothing, jewelry, skin, and gadget stores. Quite a variety of quality out there. Some is very, very nice . . . especially the jewelry. (WARNING: I noticed very quickly that all too many free items were being offerred by people charging for them. Geez, scam artists are here in SL too!)

I visited the Botanical Gardens, which was my "home" until I became a property owner--very nice there. Go see it.

Lately, I've been searching out gadget, script, and architecturally-oriented stores to see what's being produced.

Meanwhile, I've been frantically trying to learn how to create things . . . and exploring the ins and outs of the scripting language. My intention is to produce homes, skyboxes, scripts and gadgets. I also intend to create t-shirts, ball caps, etc. based on designs I've already created in RL (check out The Pithy Python :

I'm a property owner now. That's been a trip. I bought property for too much . . . at least that's what I discovered after the fact. (Advice to other newbees: don't buy land right away; learn and shop the market). Anyway, I own 2560 m^2, mostly in Euttum and Juree in the mainland.

On this land, I dropped a very nice starter home and then created a Skybox. I experimented with terraforming, and I retrofitted a "basement" under the starter home. Great fun.

The neighbors have been interesting. My next door neighbors have gunfights periodically. Doesn't bother me much, since only noise I can't identify ever bugs me. Sometimes I park on the roof of my house and watch 'em--looks like they're playing a poor man's Counterstrike. One door down, my neighbor is erecting some sort of X-rated entertainment facility (this is a mature area). So far, they've been no problem for me.

The big irritation in the area is one of the "realtors" who drops all sorts of eyesore crap on his/her properties that are up for sale. I get the impression,he or she's hoping to bug me and other residents into shutting them down by buying their land at horrendous prices. Screw that. I just erect walls and shrubbery screens to block them out.

Haven't met too many people here so far, although I have one good friend who's here. Over the next few weeks, I hope to be less reclusive and more sociable. We shall see.

Anyway, who'd have guessed I'd actually enjoy it here. I'm a budding digital artist, an experienced programmer, and a writer . . . and SL's potentially creativity heaven for the likes of me.

I'm glad The Sojourner bugged me to come on board. We'll see how I feel in a few more weeks.

--- Rema
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    Charlemagne Allen's Avatar
    Welcome to SL. If you have a backgroun in that kind of stuff, you should do great in SL, I think.
    Posted 07-04-2008 at 11:58 AM by Charlemagne Allen Charlemagne Allen is offline
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    Ben Hoark's Avatar
    Slightly belated, but yes, welcome! Sounds like you've really found your way around, even after only one month. Hope you continue to enjoy it!
    Posted 07-06-2008 at 02:02 PM by Ben Hoark Ben Hoark is offline