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Some of my wish list for our online profiles.

Posted 08-15-2011 at 07:54 PM by Potosi

More on what I would like to see with our new online socially dynamic profile thingy (have they named it yet?).

Improved recommendations. Right now they seem to be pretty glitchy and work sometimes and other times not. But being able to adjust it to give you recommendations based on specific interests that you have selected.

Making your privacy selections work both ways. When somebody selects they don't want anybody else to post on their feed then they shouldn't be able to post on feeds either.

Editing of the description section of your picks from the net. Pretty much the same as you can do with your profile description.

Some sort of interaction with your groups. Not sure what all could actually be done but at least a group owner could be able to make changes out of world.

Easy to see buttons to teleport places. Instead of just blue texting the teleport link make a nice button that says 'teleport' or 'go there'.

Well that's all I have on the top of my mind right now. Anybody else have anything they would like to see? Folks who just want to say 'I would like to see it gone' need not leave a comment.
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