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A response to Cummere Mayo

Posted 09-26-2011 at 12:13 PM by Joshua Nightshade

At the tail end of August, an anonymous account joined SLU to post a bombshell of sorts in accusing the Justice League Unlimited of tracking and correlating IP addresses within Second Life — in clear violation of the terms of service — for the purpose of connecting different accounts to one another. A la the RedZone fiasco earlier in the year, the original thread about the JLU spawned a discussion ranging for over ten thousand posts and a second thread that is presently nearly five thousand posts long at this point in time. While the original issue about the IP addresses drifted out of focus relatively early, the discussion's main focal point became the existence of a secret JLU wiki containing reams of private, personal information about "griefers" that the JLU members had consolidated through their own research in dealing with people they had labelled as enemies. Rightly seen as a much larger privacy concern than even the IP address, the majority of both threads has been discussing this development and the morality of it.

At some point in the first thread a certain Cummere Mayo came along and began asserting herself as a member of law enforcement in real life. While her credentials were never explicitly stated she provided strong implications that she was or had been a police officer or detective of sorts and began posting comments critical of the JLU in her supposed capacity as someone with a law background. These posts became more difficult to believe the longer she bragged about her RL background, culminating around the point that she bragged about having done something to secure a warrant that allowed somebody to "hack" the JLU wiki "in less than three minutes" and lay open its contents to federal investigation and, apparently, lots of amusement over how the JLU had worse security than an Xbox. A number of people, myself included, rightly questioned how ridiculous this all was (one long post in particular was beautiful in how it ripped her bragging apart point by point) which led to Cummere "clarifying" her original comments in more and more bizarre and unbelievable ways. While I had been critical of Cummere prior to her hacking claim, that was really the point that anything she said veered off the track of possible and straight into lying territory.

Despite the fact that there are more people questioning Cummere's believability than there are people defending her now, for whatever reason I have become the fixation of her rebuttals; my reputation in SL as Joshua Nightshade since 2004 is well-established, as is my forum behaviour. Nevertheless, that has not prevented Cummere from making a number of accusations against me that are not just untrue, but also against my very publicly known character.

The original accusations were relatively simple: Cummere stated publicly (and, childishly, added a note about it in her signature that remains today) that she was putting me on ignore on SLU because I kept arguing with her. She dropped a remark asking people to stop quoting me because "it was bad enough that she had to ignore my IMs in Second Life too." I have never contacted Cummere Mayo in private on any medium whatsoever and I certainly have not IMed her in-world.

When I said as much, she changed her story to suggest that it had not been me that IMed her, but people I had asked who were passing her messages for me because she was ignoring me.

Similarly untrue, I have never asked anyone to speak with her on my behalf either.

With both remarks I asked Cummere to post the full text of the messages she said came from me (and the names of the people who purported to contact her for me) and she simply ignored the request for more information. This is important to underscore, because it's a recurring refrain for Cummere's pathological lying.

Several weeks later the question of Cummere's legal qualifications came up when she claimed to have gotten a case number for her complaint against the JLU but refused to provide it publicly or even any information about the police station it resided with or even the officer who filed the case. From Cummere's first post on SLU back in the beginning of this year up until this point, her public SLU profile has stated that her location was in Arizona; it was certainly not information anyone could take as secret as it was to the left of every single post she made on the forum. When someone pointed out that they had no idea where to even begin trying to track down this supposed case, I suggested Arizona might be a good place to start given the fact that she lived there.

This set her off to a degree that was nearly comical and she attacked me for disclosing private information about her (which, again, I only knew because it was added by her of her own volition in every post she made here.) People quite rightly pointed this out and mocked her for it which caused her to amend the complaint once again: she wasn't talking about the profile, but the fact that I've been sharing her real life location in-world, on additional forums, and on other Second Life blogs.

As before, this is simply false. I have hardly logged into SL for more than five minutes at a time, a handful of times, since the middle of the year (for a year prior to that, my account had even been disabled by me out of disinterest). I don't post on SL blogs, and the only forum I am registered with is SLU. Cummere claimed I brought it up in a Linden office hour, but as the Lindens post the chatlogs of their office hours online publicly this is quite easy to disprove: the last Linden office hour I attended was in 2008, before Cummere was even registered on SLU, and she wasn't even present at it in any event.

But, like before, I asked Cummere to simply post the text of the comments she said I made. Cummere steadfastly refused to do so, or provide any examples of things I'd said at all whatsoever anyway. She simply ignored the comment and changed the subject.

A few days ago my attention was brought over to a blog that she is associated with which featured a long, rather homophobic article about me accusing me of leaving threatening comments about Cummere that had to be moderated and removed. Apparently it's been linked in her profile all this time, but I have had signatures turned off on SLU since sometime in July after a few new posters used theirs for spam. The blog is supposedly owned by an individual called "CLB" whom I will plainly state that I certainly believe is actually Cummere Mayo. 90% of the articles on the blog are written by and attributed to Cummere, and the few that are attributed to "CLB" sound the same as Cummere anyway: certainly, "CLB" has had very little to say up until they began accusing me of attacking their site.

On the 24th, a blog entry went up where at long last a vestige of the elusive proof I've been asking about for weeks showed up. "CLB" posted a few sets of cherry-picked comments left by me on SLU where I was critical of Cummere, then compared them against some comments they claim had been posted on their site by "Joshua Nightfire" which is not an identity that is or ever has been mine, nor have I even heard of it until Cummere posted about it a few days ago.

The quotes "CLB" compares to mine simply appear to be rewritings of what I posted on SLU with some swear words and slurs thrown in; a constant complaint of Cummere's has been that I have called her a "cunt" and a "twat" on SLU and I am a misogynistic gay male, but like with the Linden office hours this is also easy to disprove: there are no posts on SLU by me where I have called Cummere either of those things, and the last time I've used "cunt" or "twat" respectively were months before the JLU thread (and, more or less, my contact with Cummere in the first place) even appeared. In fact, I have had so little to do with Cummere in all respects prior to the end of August that her insistence that I have either heard of her much less have been stalking her prior to the JLU thread at all is both bizarre and, again, easily disproven. In any event the best "CLB" seems to do is compare demure critical posts of Cummere against alleged posts left on their site which cannot be verified by anyone else and haven't been seen by anyone other than "CLB" or even Cummere — she's repeatedly claimed that "CLB" only told her of them second-hand and she has no way of posting them because "CLB" deleted them before she was made aware.

A side point, it's been no question that I have been on a trip in China for nearly all of September. I said as much in both threads she was posting in (and discussed China and photos I'd taken with a lot of SLU posters) so it was never any secret. "CLB" raised the suspicion that "oh it's interesting that the volume of comments against the site lessened when Joshua mentioned on SLU that he was on a trip" — however, the funny thing is that actually I've been on that trip for the majority of the time that "CLB" claims I've been leaving comments on their site, and in fact the cherry-picked comments from SLU were posted by me while in China anyway! Cummere — sorry, "CLB" — apparently does not do her research very well.

Going beyond the comments, and the identity "Joshua Nightfire," "CLB" posted the first two parts of an IP address that they claimed were associated with that identity, my alleged comments, and my alleged posts on "some other forum" that is never identified. I would question why they didn't post the full IP address, but even the segment they did make available demonstrates it isn't and has never been mine: 203.59 is something that does resolve to Australia, but is not the geographical area of the part of the country I live in and isn't actually a range I have ever posted from. The vbul software has a handy capacity of tracking all IP addresses that an account has ever posted from so out of curiosity I asked Cristiano to check and see if those digits were ever associated with my account. Unsurprisingly, they aren't, and the IP address is not mine. On a whim I would venture that Cummere — sorry, "CLB" — simple googled for an Australian IP address range and thought they could raise the spectre of it belonging to myself. Again, I have never contacted Cummere anywhere and certainly not in private: her attempts to engage me in PM were unwanted, and I had to put her on ignore myself just to get her messages to stop. Obviously if she is willing to go so far to make things up there is no advantage in me speaking with her in a space that doesn't have additional witnesses.

The blog entry by CLB wraps up by saying "if this isn't the same Joshua I guess he has more important problems than Cummere." Well, no; Cummere has publicly accused me of a number of things that are flat-out untrue, and the "Joshua Nightfire" comments are only a part of it; she's made these accusations and given how obviously untrue they are I am not the one who needs to worry about refuting them. If she had any sort of constitution or integrity — certainly as a purported member of law enforcement — she would retract them on her own. She claimed that I had been messaging her in-world and had talked about her in Linden office hours, and these are a lot more difficult to wave away by pretending that it had to be someone with a similar name just trying to pretend to be me. This other identity only ever appeared when I provided plenty of evidence that refuted her claims that I've ever bothered her in SL, so she turned to this blog to try and drum up suspicion that I've been messing with her there.

One of the funniest parts is this:

Take an example message he attempted to leave here 4 days ago:
"If I thought Cummere was smart enough to realize what a twat she is and admit she is a pathological liar I would simply tell her to apologize for all the shit-raking she has put me through."

Now compare this to what the Joshua Nightfire on SLU says:
"Honestly if I thought she was clever enough for it I'd really wonder if Cummere was here as a plant to discredit the critics."
For the record, neither I nor my fictitious doppelgänger have ever asked Cummere to apologise; the idea that I believe she has put me through a "shit-raking" is a fiction on the same level that I could have any interest in harassing her for years. "Defamation" is also a word that only Cummere has used (interesting that it's one "CLB" also posts), and not something I have ever said to her. Cummere's accusations and claims about her legal experience are just so entirely unbelievable that I don't even really need to refute them: nobody who has ever met me would possibly believe I would behave the way she claims, so I really am not worried about any damage she might be doing to my reputation.

The only reason why I am bothering to refute this is because Cummere has an apparently extensive and deeply troubling history with a number of people in the past, ranging from disputes in SL with other residents to lying about legal disputes with LL or petitions getting certain Lindens fired. I am, sadly, just the latest target in her psychopathy that has been going on for years. When Cummere is extensively impersonating police officers, however, and going so far as to manufacture letters from alleged minors who were supposedly harassed by JLU members, I think those claims are tremendously troubling given the backdrop of her apparent inability to tell the truth about anything else. Ultimately I think the record speaks for itself and I'm not truly concerned that anyone believes her made up stories, but I have decided to commit a response to type in the effort that it would be associated with any future google searches for "Cummere Mayo" by anyone else who finds themselves a target for her pathological lying and storytelling.

In summary, I am of the opinion that every post Cummere Mayo has made about her background is false; I think she suffers from a very severe delusion and an inability to tell the truth. I don't believe "Joshua Nightfire" has ever left comments on her site or anywhere else. I don't believe she has ever been contacted in-world or anywhere else. I think she's simply making things up for victimisation and I am the latest person to come under her cross-hairs. These traits are sad, but given what she has done with them I believe it's important that anyone who engages her in the future is aware of who she actually is.
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    Tengu Yamabushi's Avatar
    ... currant department ...
    I'll just leave these here...

    Posted 09-26-2011 at 03:57 PM by Tengu Yamabushi Tengu Yamabushi is offline
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    Shiloh Lyric's Avatar
    It really sucks to become the target of someone with rather obvious issues. I'm sorry to hear this is happening, Joshua, and I don't blame you one bit for stating your case for the reasons put forth by you.

    I never believed "her" claims, either, about being a part of law enforcement. I don't have intimate knowledge of all aspects of law enforcement, but did work quite a bit with a criminal defense attorney. You meet a lot of cops that way, and most of what she said just didn't even make any reasonable sense.
    Posted 09-26-2011 at 04:29 PM by Shiloh Lyric Shiloh Lyric is offline
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    Rodeejah Urquan's Avatar
    Geezus pleezus, sorry to hear this happened, josh. And the fact that she worships dudes like arpaio makes this shit cake of a situation stinky as hell.
    Posted 09-26-2011 at 09:56 PM by Rodeejah Urquan Rodeejah Urquan is offline
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    Ariadne Korda's Avatar
    So good to know that CLB has 'vouched for her'. That makes it all OK then *cough*.

    My suspicions of her started as gut instinct, as you know. And then grew as she dug herself into a deeper and deeper hole. The best being that a cybercrime unit reported to her and, of course, that oh so convenient mail.

    Not, of course, that I would know anything about law enforcement... LOL.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 02:04 AM by Ariadne Korda Ariadne Korda is offline
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    Julia Dis's Avatar
    As another person who has had law enforcement members in her family (deputy sheriffs) along with a smattering of elected officials, the idea of someone who is a member of law enforcement exposing eye witness tesitmony outside of court procedures to the public is mind numbingly twilight zone time.

    I don't even need close association with any law enforcement branch to know that they simply do not behave that way. As someone rightfully pointed out, her exposure of that information from that email in the JLU threads left the supposed victim at risk in a manner no professional would have voluntarily done. Up to that point I gave her the benefit of a doubt, but I regretted having done so the second I read her posts and the realization hit me how wrong on so many levels her actions had been if she was telling the truth.

    In a way, I actually hope that she does work for some sort of law enforcement office since I believe that her reckless disregard for the safety of a tax paying citizen in the case of this witness should be summarily dealt with with the proper consequences doled out to her. That is IF anything about this entire situation is in any way truthful. Sadly, I find that hard to believe, no....... impossible to anymore.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 07:20 AM by Julia Dis Julia Dis is offline
  6. Old Comment
    A few things to point out in your pack of lies Joshua.
    One you gave yourself away there numerous times.
    Two just because you scream over and over that I am a liar doesn't make it so.
    Three I resigned from that blog and you know good and well that CLB and I are two different people. Your blatant lying about that fact is childish and just makes you look more retarded to anyone that can bring two brain cells together than you already did.
    Four. You make up these allegations of people coming to support you but you can't even provide names.
    Get over you self josh. Youre nothing but a little boy that can't cope with a woman who disagrees with you.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 10:02 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Joshua Nightshade's Avatar
    It's unfortunate, when you sent me a PM yesterday (again, despite my clear comment to you in the past not to do so) and said you wanted this to "just stop," I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and asked you to remove the blog entries referring to me as well as my real life name. It's hypocritical that you would post that when you utterly lost your mind after I made a demure reference to you living in Arizona when it was posted on your profile by you. But I even offered to delete this entry after you had removed the ones on the blog. I did briefly believe you were willing to do so, if only so you could slink back into anonymity, but I can only assume that your appearance here is a result of your failure to bully me, then Cristiano when you demanded he remove the entry -- another hypocrisy, you post threats and lies on your blog but try to threaten site administrators into removing things written about you.

    In any event, I do not believe you and CLB are different people, nor do I "know damn well." I don't even know who CLB is, but looking over your blog 99% of posts there are clearly authored by you. The only time CLB appears at all is when they are writing a blog entry about you, providing some sort of defence of you, which appears to make their role on the site no more than your sockpuppet. You're still listed as a staff member anyway. On a blog where the overwhelming majority of content is yours, you expect me to believe you couldn't get the blog entries taken down if you asked? Especially as they are only there to defend you in the first place? That's about as hard to believe as is the idea that you and CLB are different people despite typing exactly the same.

    As your metric for proof seems to be "I believe something so prove otherwise or I'm right," it seems only fair to hold you to the same standard. You have failed to prove you and CLB are different people so I refuse to believe you're telling the truth. You haven't provided any proof I've left a single comment on your site and the half-hearted attempts at faking such proof were easily dispelled.

    For someone who constantly thumps her chest about being in law enforcement, you hardly act like it in any sense of the word. I feel sorry for you Cummere; you are obviously tremendously disturbed and unhinged, and it is evident that I am just the latest person you have fixated upon and lashed out irrationally against. You seem to have a cycle of targets going back as long as you've been in SL, alongside ridiculous claims of being a LL volunteer, alpha viewer tester and other such nonsense.

    Very sad, and contrary to what you think your alleged gender has nothing to do with it.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 10:23 PM by Joshua Nightshade Joshua Nightshade is offline
  8. Old Comment
    i am? have you even checked the damn blog?
    I resigned.
    no i didnt pull it out of my signature, but when ive been fighting all day and clb didnt budge i quit.

    as for the tremendously disturbbed bit. stop projecting.

    as for being a member of snowstorm and stuff thats all documented. all the meetings i went to, the jiras i filed etc. I was in BSI. Then I went to snowglobe, then snowstorm. All LL projects. so nice try, but again your lies are exposed.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 10:32 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  9. Old Comment
    Joshua Nightshade's Avatar
    Yes, your involvement and eventual removal from the jira project is documented, as are the reasons why you were removed from it and your subsequent harassment and threats against Linden Lab employees (and hilarious bragging about legal action you had taken against the company -- sadly opening up Word and writing an angry letter doesn't qualify as legal action).

    You're right, this pattern of behaviour and "strangers are harassing me in secret!!!" is documented and is historically available. This happens with you a lot. It suggests that the source of the problem is not everyone else.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 10:37 PM by Joshua Nightshade Joshua Nightshade is offline
  10. Old Comment
    and again its easily proven i am not clb. he's a guy, im not.
    his rl pic is attached to his google and facebook accounts. mine are attached to mine. just because you say we write the same doesn't make it so. again you lie and demand we believe it because you say so when you have no proof.

    You act just like prok. "Show me proof. oh wait... well that proof is made up or irrelevant or something!"

    Grow the fuck up and get real.

    don't accuse me of bullying cris, youre the one that threatened him when you couldnt get me to shut up.

    Here's the deal, I was trying to get the posts you wanted down removed but between you and robble you two made things so much worse. God why cant you all act like men instead of spoiled little boys?
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 10:57 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  11. Old Comment
    [quote=Joshua Nightshade;bt3874]Yes, your involvement and eventual removal from the jira project is documented, as are the reasons why you were removed from it and your subsequent harassment and threats against Linden Lab employees (and hilarious bragging about legal action you had taken against the company -- sadly opening up Word and writing an angry letter doesn't qualify as legal action).

    You're right, this pattern of behaviour and "strangers are harassing me in secret!!!" is documented and is historically available. This happens with you a lot. It suggests that the source of the problem is not everyone else.[/quote]

    yeah just keep up with the lies Joshua.
    seriously keep up with them.
    really, I don't know about in Australia but libel is seriously costly.

    The funny thing is, you can't even back up one word of that with actual proof can you?

    Where is all this supposed harassment of LL employees? oops you cant find it. Why? because it doesn't exist.
    If I were harassing LL employees I wouldn't have an account on SL. They would ban it in a heartbeat. so try try again my little lying friend.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:01 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  12. Old Comment
    Joshua Nightshade's Avatar
    Coincidental timing is uncanny when you're involved. Out of the blue yesterday I get a PM from you at nearly the same time that your blog was updated with the specious "C&D" letter with my real name.

    Now today you begin swearing at me and attacking me here at, unsurprisingly, the same moment I get an IM from an account that has never contacted me before in the past. You aren't the same people but you both happen to be around at the same moment several days in a row? Right.

    Porthos Dreddmor: why should i pull your name off my blog when you do nothing but harass people on my forums and on my blog?  why shouldn't they know who you are?  and why the fuck are you trying to get cummere mad at me?
    Joshua Nightshade: Cummere, I have made it explicitly clear that you are not welcome to contact me privately. If you wish to address me you can do so on the SLU blog entry. This account is muted. If you message me from others I will AR you for harassment. Goodbye.
    Porthos Dreddmor: i am not cummere you fucking faggot
    Porthos Dreddmor: now if you say anything other than sorry to me, i will fucking turn over all the logs of you creating accounts to get onto my forums, and to post on my blog over to what ever passes for police in your backward little country
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:13 PM by Joshua Nightshade Joshua Nightshade is offline
  13. Old Comment
    yeah we both happen to be in world too. and did you get his permission to post that? hmm disclosure ?

    and yeah you dumbass porthos is CLB. which is a pretty well known fact. again you fail. and you break SL tos. Nice.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:16 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  14. Old Comment
    Joshua Nightshade's Avatar
    The SL terms of service doesn't apply to third party sites. I don't need permission to post anything.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:17 PM by Joshua Nightshade Joshua Nightshade is offline
  15. Old Comment
    yeah actually you do.
    However, the more i look at it, the more I know you made that up.
    I have never heard of or seen porthos use some of those terms.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:28 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  16. Old Comment
    Joshua Nightshade's Avatar
    Actually, no, I don't.

    And as for making it up:

    Care to try again, Cummere Mayo / Porthos Dreddmor?
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:29 PM by Joshua Nightshade Joshua Nightshade is offline
  17. Old Comment
    obviously photo-shopped. really can you be more obvious?
    Next time you want to use a photo editor to alter something, make sure its not one that makes the changes as obvious as night and day.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:34 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  18. Old Comment
    Joshua Nightshade's Avatar
    You are disturbed.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:35 PM by Joshua Nightshade Joshua Nightshade is offline
  19. Old Comment
    I'm not the one photoshopping pictures of chat logs to try and make others look bad.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:39 PM by Cummere Mayo Cummere Mayo is offline
  20. Old Comment
    Joshua Nightshade's Avatar

    You do realise that contrary to what you keep insisting, absolutely no one believes you, correct? No one does. You are the laughingstock of the thread which is the reason why you were removed from The Pink Hands group (which incidentally I have nothing to do with, but your very presence was seen as damaging) and why you've been pushed away from other activities around the JLU issue. You're a damaging presence that calls into question the integrity of everything that is associated with you, thus those who actually have integrity rightly remove you from their spheres.

    You are mocked and unwanted in the thread, and most of SLU already found you to be ridiculous and imbalanced before the JLU issue even developed.

    This is the point. It's irrespective of me. People who hardly know me look at how you behave and deduce that you are a liar. If there was even a slight thread of believability that I would harass you as you claim, people would believe it. But they don't, because you're simply a deranged, damaged liar.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:43 PM by Joshua Nightshade Joshua Nightshade is offline