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Turned off services ? ? ?

Posted 04-07-2008 at 04:09 PM by Cincia Singh

*sigh* ok ... I really don't like what LL is doing to improve "the experience during peak concurrency." I know I'm being selfish, but I'm a hostess and i take a lot of pride in what I do for my club (employer). I boost traffic by providing customer service and offering people adds to our group. But I can't do customer service properly or add people to the group who I can't identify and check through their profiles! It seems to be a marvelous improvement in service to reduce us to chattering icons of our former selves in the name of allowing ever higher concurrency (mostly of alts) to make the graphs look good. I think a better idea would be to initiate a 2-tier system of login; 1) would be premium members who get in first because we're actually PAYING to play, and 2) would be the basic account holders who can come in IF there's room. The basic account holder's logins would be throttled to allow sufficient room for paying players.

Ok, you can go ahead and flame me now (lol) I don't mind. But cutting back on services to those inworld just seems rediculous.
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    Ben Hoark's Avatar
    You haven't been in SL long, have you? Turning off search and profiles is a regular occurrence. Sometimes I think it's an LL knee-jerk reaction. "Problems on the grid? Better turn off search and profiles then." *Sigh*
    Posted 04-08-2008 at 02:05 PM by Ben Hoark Ben Hoark is offline
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    Rioko Bamaisin's Avatar
    Have your employer make or buy a scripted sign about joining the group to keep at the front of the club. It's a lot less intrusive and annoying than randomly inviting people anyway.We got a lot of complaints about that,so we started using the sign and randomly mentioning the group in chat during events.

    Um anyway back to the actual topic...As a premium member part of me selfishly agrees with you. However, a lot of basic members put money into LL's pockets as well.Whether indirectly through other residents or directly. I'd be all for getting rid of the no payment info on file crowd though!
    Posted 04-09-2008 at 10:50 AM by Rioko Bamaisin Rioko Bamaisin is offline
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    Cincia Singh's Avatar
    The whole reason I work as a hostess (it obviously isn't going to make me rich) is because it's just a great way to meet people. It's just not as easy to focus the conversation to make someone feel at ease or to find common interests when the danged profiles are off, but that's SL lol.

    Thanks for the idea of putting up a scripted sign ... we'll talk about it. I'm normally way more positive than I was when I posted that comment ... note to self, don't post to the blog when you're tired and depressed lol.

    Thanks for responding though ... it was sweet of you.
    Posted 04-09-2008 at 12:56 PM by Cincia Singh Cincia Singh is offline
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    Rioko Bamaisin's Avatar
    That's why I hosted as well(meeting people),up until yesterday. I quit,lol. Got tired of having to be in world at set times. Nothing like explaining to your kids that you can't go to the park because you have to be on the computer for 20 cents an hour. It was fun for awhile though and a part of me will miss it! Good luck!
    Posted 04-10-2008 at 05:45 AM by Rioko Bamaisin Rioko Bamaisin is offline