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Arrow UPDATE: New Community Platform Timeline

Hello Residents,

You may recall that we blogged about some upcoming changes to the Community Platform last Friday. These changes require the migrations of tons of data, and sometimes unexpectedly longer export/import information than anticipated. Our original timeline was to have the community live and out of "read-only" mode by the 27th, but we may be looking at February 28th as the new projected date. That means we will be in "read-only" mode a bit longer than we'd planned or hoped, but we want to make sure that this migration goes as smoothly as possible.

We appreciate your patience while we work on things behind the scenes. The new platform is coming soon!

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No shit? migrating 2 platforms worth of data, since you just had to save the old vb data instead of keeping it alive on a locked stripped vb! it's no wonder the amount of data is huge... and I bet I end up with 3 of me again, when the new shit went live, 3 hiccups and I ended up with 3 moes until torley went in and purged 2 of them...

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The VB archives actually are separate at http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/-1/1.html -- they did, however, glom in the Jive stuff when they moved away from that.
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