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Meh, the dude said he would love to stay involved in SL and more than likely coding for SL, what better way than to get involved in the most visable open source viewer.

Of course being open source, I'm betting it's a 'stay involved' project - not a 'new job'... sure some bounties are fun to get here and there for projects that do that (very popular on some of the retro OS projects I keep up with), but still - a hobby. Someone with his creds will have no problem rounding up a REAL job in either the game industry or the film industry.

As for LL connections - I'm guessing that the lions share of the things they hired him for they believe are wrapped up, or close enough to wrap up that they don't feel they need to keep him there. (whether they do or don't ACTUALLY need him there is another story - one I wouldn't be privy to - just that they don't believe him indispensable).

Making the announcement right after LGG left... simple: PR - positive spin.

LL's teen grid announcements et. al. at SLCC - coincidence.

Tin foil hat fail - occams razor win.
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