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Originally Posted by Psyke Phaeton View Post
The page was last modified in 2002 so it is old.
Although the part about Frac releasing some bounty money to entice Qarl to help fix some problems as outlined by others here may still be a possibility. I am sure a couple thousand dollars would come in handy right now and is less then what Frac payed to get the bot name registered. Plus it has the ulterior motive of giving him a PR boost when he needed it.

Let's go a step farther and theorize that this was a last minute deal and was a surprise windfall for Qarl and this is why he was not aware of the MS accountability problem? EDIT TO ADD: Plus I also can not really see Qarl doing this as a "screw you" to Linden Lab. You do not burn bridges until at least after you are gainfully employed again.

EDIT TO ADD MORE(Getting confused now) Plus, Qarl's only response to such a big announcement so far is this

[...] [...]

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