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Originally Posted by Cristiano View Post
Psyke made a case for the thread being moved back to General, and I agree, even if yet another thread about Emerald makes me want to stab someone.
Now that LGPL makes a SLUniverse plugin possible you could hand out it to SLUniverse peeps for inworld use. And whenever anyone deserves it you'll be able to send a stabby bot to hunt them down whereever they may be. Not only in SL but all over the OpenSim intergridz also. Stab them to pieces and do other stuff to them even, and then give them a "I wuz stabbed by Sluni Verse" tee-shirt.

Stabby Bot would probably be quite busy though. I think most every regular here would certainly want one. Be quite the fashion statement even in some places. Perhaps an automatic post here when Stabby does the dreadful deed so the observers could make book on the next victim.

Maybe different coloured tees depending on the level of stabbiness applied. Emerald green or Onyx black for example. I'd probably be in the running for a Taupe stabbing for tl;dr postings that waste your bandwidth. Oooh! maybe even a "I made SLuni Verse fall asleep" tee-shirt.
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