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Web on a Prim - Ideas & Brainstorming

It's here. Let's look at the underlying laws about how it works, and how those laws must be worked around to create social uses of this feature.

Semi-Synchronous To trigger a change that every user sees, a new URL must be loaded, or a browser refresh must be triggered. This makes certain sites more ideal than others. Youtube is a classic case. Every video has a unique URL associated with it. Users can individually pause, skip, and mute that video without affecting those nearby, but they're all watching the same thing, and can discuss it, laugh together, or whatever is warranted. Kongregate, a Flash game portal, is another example. You can't all be players within the same game, affecting each other in real time. But you can experience the same game together, discussing strategies, or bragging about your score.

Semi-Asynchronous So when a site relies heavily on interactions with JavaScript, XML, Flash, etc. to form dynamic content, people will see less and less of the same thing. Load up a station on Pandora, Slacker, or, and people will only hear the same songs by coincidence. Might as well just listen to the parcel audio.

Clumsier than a browser If you're by yourself, you're much better off tabbing in to Firefox to do most things, even things that trigger events in-world, like XStreet. It gets even worse trying to click things when you're wearing the media prim. Where Web on a Prim shines is keeping a group on the same page (so to speak) about something.

Fun things to try:
Gimme Shiny! - Want to put up some pictures in a build, but have no idea what? Here's an automated slideshow that picks out popular stuff from Flickr and deviantART.

A Daily Dose of Interesting Photographic Inspiration from Flickr - Like the above, but more interactive, with lots of pictures to click.

digg labs / pics - And here's one with animation! As we go down this list, the bigger the prim you need to make this look nice. Gimme Shiny looks fine on a tablet I wear on my avatar, this one may look very squished on it.

infinitube || Watch non-stop, full-screen Il Mistero Della Citt Di Luce, Nine Ita, Film 9 Ita and other web videos from Youtube - A non-stop montage of Youtube videos based on a keyword query, which gets included in the URL, and thus propagated to everyone. For example, infinitube || Watch non-stop, full-screen Il Mistero Della Citt Di Luce, Nine Ita, Film 9 Ita and other web videos from Youtube

Places for ideas:
Award Winners - Mashup Awards - Mashups aren't just two ironic pop songs combined in to one great dance hit, they're also web applications that offer more (or less, which can be useful here) interactive ways of using popular sites.

webapp - Lifehacker - Another huge list of applications, the usefulness of any I have yet to explore. - May require some hacking and serious business to really get something relevant to you and yours. Also seems to be down right now, unfortunately.

digg labs - Mostly just things you can watch. Want more? Get to hacking: Digg API / FrontPage

EDIT: Having failed to Google this, I finally managed to dig it up from the Blogforums:

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