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Lot's of loading screens, everywhere. I went by Intel's place and Suez's "home". My bandwith monitor showed things coming down at 250KBps (SL tops out around 100KBps) but things never seemed to load, so pretty much everything was untextured for me.

The geometry of the objects wasn't terribly impressive but perhaps I just need to look around more. It doesn't use hardle any CPU/GPU but about 425MB of RAM. I can't for the life of me figure out how to zoom in towards my character, I'm way the heck zoomed out (Couldn't find anything in the english manual either).

It runs in a window but you can't change it's resolution (Strech, resize and/or maximize the window). So I had to run it 4:3 on my 16:9 screen, kinda annoying that. When you "close" the program it minimizes to your taskbar (Next to your clock) rather than actually close. The icon has some menu options, I don't know what they are though, and you can bring the program back up quickly.


And yes, it looks a lot like Second Life, more than coincidentally so (Statements by their staff to the contrary).
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