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The Shared Avatar Project

Someone has set up an avatar named Share Svoboda and posted the password to an accompanying blog. The idea is to let people take control of the avatar and see how it evolves and where it goes. I think it's a cute idea, but some folks have been jackasses already and changed the password and tried to have the account canceled. (I think the account creator has been able to recover the password, but I'm not sure on the status of the account cancel attempt, as cancels aren't immediate.) Looks like someone just got the av a freebie MystiTool, which should be nice since that keeps a log of places you've teleported to.

Anyway, check it out IF YOU DARE!!!

Interesting tidbit: The account was initially supplied with a certain amount of L$ but people have drained it. You can see who by looking into the avatar's Transactions History on the SL web site. People are discussing the TOS implications on the SL forums. Also, check out its Photo Album.
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