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A net loss of 9 regions this week, Private Estates being down by 13 and Linden owned up 4

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 23537 ( 16312 private estates & 7225 Linden owned)
48 new regions were added and 13 returned to the grid, with 70 regions removed (13 were renamed and 0 came and went since last report)

4 Burning Man regions return to the grid . Adult rated regions were down by 2 to 5575 (23.7% of the grid) while General Rated were down by 7 to 2877 (12.2%)
YTD Private Estate net losses stand at 471 (2.8% loss)

Breakdown of current regions by Ownership and Classification:
  • Estate - Adult: 5091
  • Estate - General: 1226
  • Estate - Moderate: 9976
  • Estate - Offline: 19
  • Linden - Adult: 484
  • Linden - General: 1651
  • Linden - Moderate: 5090

Breakdown of Host Server Classes by Ownership:
  • Estate - Class 5: 259
  • Estate - Class 7: 7244
  • Estate - Class 8: 7061
  • Estate - Class Unknown: 1748
  • Linden - Class 5: 6
  • Linden - Class 7: 1310
  • Linden - Class 8: 5609
  • Linden - Class Unknown: 300

The 61 new/returned regions are :
Black Tarn 
Burning Man- Alkali
Burning Man- Black Rock 
Burning Man- Limbo 
Burning Man- Mirage
Cedar Summit
Cherry Glen
Crystal Shores 
Domela Isle 
Emerald Dreams 
Forest Grove
Gosau Dachstein West
Green Pear
Happy Place 
Isle Of Chains 
Kaleidoscope Island
Leapserth Isle
Misty Valley 
MLaw Designs
New Collins Land
Putin Bay
Royal Wolf Haven
Serena Adrenaline
Serena Belize Isle
Serena Belle Mia
Serena Blue Waters
Serena Borges
Serena Cardamon
Serena Carpe Nocte
Serena Charel
Serena Country Manor
Serena Ebony
Serena Echo Point
Serena Finechal
Serena Hallmark
Serena Ibiza Isle
Serena Iridium
Serena Jabber
Serena Knot
Serena Life Circle
Serena Maniku Bay
Serena Oak Valley
Serena Ocean View
Serena Ormolu
Serena Pacifico Isle
Serena Past
Serena Port Arhus
Serena Ryshia
Serena Tranquility 
Serena Tumbleweed
Snuggle Island 
Straylight Station
Summer Moon
Tarawa Atoll
Timber Rains
Too Adorable Estates
indicates region which have returned to the grid

The 70 regions no longer on the grid are :
Aloha Winds
Bahia Brasilito
Bahia Potrero
Belize Isle
Belle Mia
Blissful Country Haven
Blue Waters dAlliez
Blues Beach Island
Brazy University
Cardamon dAlliez
Carpe Nocte
Catawissa Center
Cedarburg Falls
Charel dAlliez
Circle of LIfe
Country Manor
Ebony dAlliez
Echo Point dAlliez
Everfree Forest
Finechal dAlliez
Freaks Homeland
Grand Haven
Hallmark dAlliez
Havana Beach
Ibiza Isle
Iridium dAlliez
Isles of Lyonesse
Jabber dAlliez
Jet Groove
Kingdom of Spain
Knot dAlliez
Maniku Bay dAlliez
Martial Arts
Maui West
MBK Airfield
Mystical Fantasy
Mystical Oasis
Mystical Ocean
Oak Valley
Ocean View dAlliez
Ormolu dAlliez
Our Refuge
Pacifico Isle
Past dAlliez
Port Arhus dAlliez
Rolling Tumbleweed
Ryshia dAlliez
St Kitts
Straylight Sea
Telnus of Cos
The Arcade 2
The Arcade 3
Too Adorable Gacha
Tranquility dAlliez
Valiant Spirit
Vero Modero

Of these 13 are renames :
Adrenaline	==>	Royal Wolf Haven
Aloha Winds	==>	Emerald Dreams
Bahia Potrero	==>	Crystal Shores
DuoTech	==>	Forbidden Sanctuary
Everfree Forest	==>	Static
Flatcat	==>	Black Tarn
Grand Haven	==>	Putin Bay
Havana Beach	==>	MLaw Designs
i5i	==>	Snuggle Island
Isles of Lyonesse	==>	JessicaLand
Jamberry	==>	Cherry Glen
Tinywood	==>	Forest Grove
Valiant Spirit	==>	Day
Estate groupings going off line
  • 1 (n=2): Belize Isle,Borges
  • 2 (n=2): Buckhorn,Catawissa Center
  • 3 (n=3): Charel dAlliez,Finechal dAlliez,Past dAlliez
  • 4 (n=3): Country Manor,Ibiza Isle,Pacifico Isle
  • 5 (n=3): Hallmark dAlliez,Knot dAlliez,Ormolu dAlliez
  • 6 (n=3): Jabber dAlliez,Maniku Bay dAlliez,Rolling Tumbleweed
  • 7 (n=3): Mystical Fantasy,Mystical Oasis,Mystical Ocean
  • 8 (n=2): Ocean View dAlliez,Tranquility dAlliez
  • 9 (n=2): The Arcade 2,The Arcade 3

Estate groupings coming online
  • 1 (n=2): Cedar Summit,Timber Rains
  • 2 (n=4): Serena Ocean View,Serena Ormolu,Serena Pacifico Isle,Serena Past
  • 3 (n=2): Serena Ryshia,Serena Tranquility

The following 19 regions were on the grid but marked as down when the last survey was run:
  • Alruneia Sentry
  • BlueFlowers
  • Challenge Estate
  • Chaubury
  • FabulousSoul Mates 1
  • FamOuZZ Iseland
  • Fantasy Gay Pride
  • Freemind
  • Huanaco
  • Love Star 7
  • Melosea
  • Memorial Park
  • Mossy Cove
  • Persimmon Island
  • Shadow Island
  • Te Amo
  • Tempest Estate
  • Wildflower Forest

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