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Angry Needs Attention

This issue needs way more attention.
I would also love to get more information if anyone has anything to add.

Reports are coming in from all over - it seemed to have occurred after/during the login glitch last night SLT.

JIRA Report 1 - Creator Howl Howley's store went from 41LI to 390LI with vendors returned
JIRA Report 2
hat tip Whirly Fizzle

A friend of mine had a 27LI store turn 224LI. Loads of stuff were returned and gachas went missing. Note that it is a build by an established creator with nothing indicating any sort of hack used to reduce LI.

As he, like most of us, rent a parcel and not a full sim from a FIC land baron, *coughs* they were told they can't unilaterally request a rollback.

We should not expect rollbacks for user errors, but this isn't one and the glitch is pretty severe. IMHO, given the reach and depth, a rollback should be almost automatic and immediate from LL, not delayed pending request.

I'm primarily interested in two courses of action from this point forward

a) to figure out what happened
eg. if it was a result of the RC Channel roll and if so to ensure the same glitch does not follow into subsequent Main Channel rolls.

The bug which broke various products due to a change in llhttprequest a couple months ago was reported on the RC Channel roll but was unsatisfyingly resolved and rolled into the Main Channel update weeks later, so history has the potential of repeating itself albeit much more destructively.

Edit: the second JIRA Report notes that it affected a sim on the Main Channel.

b) to document openly and extensively the glitch for reference by sim owners and land barons in such that it might hopefully help vouch for residents looking for redress or group action (i.e. coming together as a sim to request a rollback). Unlikely? Perhaps. But it can't hurt to try.

Meanwhile, being on the Main Channel myself, I'm seriously contemplating documenting and removing all no copy items until the next Main Channel roll.

Given how well the gacha craze has taken off, I'd be surprised if the pitchforks don't come if this issue spreads.

Visibility and knowing more might hopefully help guard against this from happening again, at least in the near future. Let's crowd source this.

PSA: It seems like LL is doing rollbacks for this glitch without having to be an estate manager/owner. If you are affected, send a support ticket.

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