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Originally Posted by Caliandris View Post
All fine on my main and my alt. Did you possibly link together some mesh and something based on the torus? Cos that'll do it, something that's one prim torus will suddenly become a lot heavier LI when linked to a mesh.

Also check build settings and things high up in the air. When we left build on for a party, suddenly all the remaining prims - 2000 - got eaten up. When I checked in the air, someone had dropped a prim hogger duplication thing which just kept on duplicating until it used all the available prims.
Thats what i fear, stuff got "returned", placed back and suddenly some items i linked got it all wrong (or something like that)
I base this assumption on the fact that on my parcel a LOT is missing but i actually use up more prims than before.

LL and their maintenance ...
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