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Originally Posted by Sredni Eel View Post
If things go now remotely the way they went in Nixon's time, Pence will not become President. We'll end up with Ryan or someone equally as microcephalic. As I recall, Spiro Agnew was Nixon's VP, but he also ended up resigning. That's how we ended up with Chevy Chase Gerold Ford as President.
Agnew resigned, as I recall, as a result of his corruption in various public offices in Maryland (he was blatantly corrupt on a pretty heroic scale) rather than because of any involvement with Nixon's machinations.

I seem to remember that people said at the time Nixon had chosen him as a VP because even the most crazed of assassins would be deterred by the thought of a President Agnew. Indeed, there's a scene in the Stephen King novel, The Dead Zone, where the protagonist wakes up from his coma to be told that Nixon is no longer the President, because he resigned, and the poor man almost has a heart attack until they can reassure that that no, he hasn't woken up in an America where Spiro Agnew is President.
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