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Originally Posted by Sredni Eel View Post
Did Nixon have rabid followers who didn't believe he did anything wrong? If so, do you have any newspaper clippings or other articles showing that a section of the population was as delusional as Trump supporters appear to be?

Is this a case of history repeating itself and even Nixon had supporters in the face of overwhelming evidence against him, or are Trump supporters really this delusional?
He did, I think.

I think people were, in general, more low key and not as demonstrative or open about things then.

I remember the new age stuff that was all over then, and the 'rock and roll is a conspiracy!' types and such. There was about as much woo woo, it was just that were weren't as aware of it because we did a little better job of hiding it.

Or maybe as kids we just weren't as perceptive sometimes as those who'd spent a lifetime with that.

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