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Curious: Did Nixon Have Rabid Supporters?

In light of folks staunchly remaining behind the man they voted for, even under overwhelming and burgeoning evidence, I started thinking about a scandal that broke in the 1970s with Richard Nixon.

We all _know_ the history. Nixon resigned, rather than be impeached. Ford ultimately pardoned him. All Water(gate) under the bridge. I was too young to remember anything from news during that era. I was at the age where cartoons held my interest over current events.

My question for those who do remember:

Did Nixon have rabid followers who didn't believe he did anything wrong? If so, do you have any newspaper clippings or other articles showing that a section of the population was as delusional as Trump supporters appear to be?

People interviewed in the SF Bay Area on KCBS (news channel) actually said, "I'm not concerned about the Russia thing because Trump is a great President." and "The Media is blowing this out of proportion. Trump is doing a great job." and "The stories about collusion were made up by Clinton. Arrest her instead."

Seriously. People said these things. In San Francisco, one of the most liberal areas in the country.

And it really got me thinking. Nixon had to have the same rabid following, yeah? After all, he was doing a credible job as President. More so than Trump, at any rate.

Is this a case of history repeating itself and even Nixon had supporters in the face of overwhelming evidence against him, or are Trump supporters really this delusional?
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