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Originally Posted by Dakota Tebaldi View Post
I don't understand. All these articles seem to be about Ozimals trying to force some virtual-horse-breeding company out of business. Does this C&D letter have to do with that, or is it some third party entering the fray?,_Inc.

Two different cases. From what I can gleen, Aki was "partnered" with Ozimals, probably for mapping and texturing the bunnies (just my guess). Since Aki is a member of SLU we should wait and see what she has to say. Although she may not be able to discuss what happened yet if she has any desire to do so.

I don't want to post the link to the Akimeta blog page that explains what Aki does as it contains her RL name and I don't want to cross that boundary with Cris so you'll have to find that info yourself.

In posting those links, I was trying to provide some background info for those who don't know about the Amaretto vs Ozimals legal proceedings. It has no legal bearing on the current event but it does give perspective.
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