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Originally Posted by Penny Patton View Post
Of course, LL eventually had to drop their VR ambitions for SL. I heard it was because they couldn't get framerates high enough to make it feasible.

That's a shame. *sips tea like a muppet*
Comfortable VR needs a garunteed 90 fps, with any lag spikes being no less than 70 fps. Dropping any less than 70 fps, even if it's for a just a fraction of a second, will make you feel sick.

Oculus screens all software submissions to make sure they met their quality standards before allowing them to be listed on Oculus Home. By default, Oculus headsets will only run content licenced by Oculus in this way. (Though you can flip a checkbox to run third party content and make it an open platform, it's not the default setting and comes with a big scary disclaimer about health risks from experiencing unvetted VR content.)

I think Linden knew they'd never pass.

They could have gone with Vive headset instead, since Steam has no quality filter for game submissions, but something tells me they didn't want SL listed on Steam.
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