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Originally Posted by Trifina View Post
So, here's one more for the end:
I added two more!

Originally Posted by Adeon Writer View Post
Plus the extra height throws everything else out scale, and it's why SL artictecture rarely ever has any sort of photorealism. It's all very obviously game-looking because it's oversized.
This was a big (no pun intended) issue when LL was trying to implement VR into SL. Even with your typical 8' tall avatar, windows were too high to see out of, door knobs were at face height. Nothing looked right. Around that time I actually got a lot of people sending me messages to compliment my builds on being "VR ready".

Of course, LL eventually had to drop their VR ambitions for SL. I heard it was because they couldn't get framerates high enough to make it feasible.

That's a shame. *sips tea like a muppet*
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