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Originally Posted by Trifina View Post
My only quibble with the FAQ is the last answer doesn't include one of your more common refrains. So, here's one more for the end:

* But what's wrong with scaling things to 8' tall avatars? As long as the scale is consistent, what's the difference?

An 8' tall avatar is 1/3 taller than a 6' avatar. Don't forget that when talking about land, everything is squared. That 1/3 linear difference when squared scales out to a 6' avatar having almost twice as much space on a 512 plot as an 8' avatar would. Instead of just a house, you can have a house, an outbuilding, a garden, and a boat dock. Given the price of land in SL, using a 6' avatar puts money in your pocket.
Plus the extra height throws everything else out scale, and it's why SL artictecture rarely ever has any sort of photorealism. It's all very obviously game-looking because it's oversized.
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