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Originally Posted by Spirits Rising View Post

On that I can only say this: I'm not saying any of this to have a debate over it. We've all watched as creators left Second Life over a new feature or restriction (the few that have been put into place) so you csnnot tell me that the abive is not absolutely true.
Not true at all. The creators that are still in SL are doing amazing work with better tools and providing higher quality work. There is no vacuum of creativity in SL today that needs to filled. None.

Originally Posted by Spirits Rising View Post
You have the time, patience, skill and such to fuck around and reduce your own complexity? Have the dispossble funds to trssh chunks of your invrntory and buy new things? Oh how lovely for you! If you're part of that latter group, save that disposable income and do what some of us fucking can't: Upgrade your hardware somehow.
That could only possibly be an issue if you choose to make it so. I, and I know of many others, have managed to add to our inventories with "new things" without spending a real life dime. I have chosen to not spend real life money in SL for over two years now, yet I have managed to move both my clothing choices and my inworld decorations to mesh.

I don't know Penny and have never met Penny, half the time I don't understand what she is even talking about. All I know is she walks the walk when she talks the talk. When she makes a claim about the LL viewpoint being wrong and eating up space, she backed it up by proving it, and then offered a solution. As said before, she does not demand (or even expect I think) for LL to fix the issue, she just offers up a proven solution that you can take, or leave. It is a solution that I share with any new resident I run into.

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