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Originally Posted by Spirits Rising View Post
Why yes, your posts carrying inconsistent disclaimers and often presented in a manner which suggests the doing such modifications are a trivial matter for you (also inconsistent, thankfully) or are not that big a deal

Work on your consistency and presentation.
I think that Ms. Penny has been remarkably consistent on this to the point of being tedious and repetitive. I agree with most of what she is saying but disagree on some subtle points. I probably should not be the one to do this, but I really think she needs an FAQ to refer to whenever this comes up. If she had one it would go something like the following. (All answers are my personal interpretation of what Ms. Penny is saying and represent my personal opinion of course.)

* Why should the average user have to be an expert on digital design?

The average user should not have to be bothered with this. Good content should be made available by proficient builders.

* Why should the average content provider be an expert on digital design?

The average content provider does not have to be an expert. They should follow some basic practices that result in a better shared experience for everyone.

* Why should LL force people to do things according to what you think is best?

LL should not force people to do anything. They should make it easier, though, to create things that conform to standards which result in a better experience. They should also make it easier for people to find information to support their efforts. Having said that, if people want to sell things on the LL hosted marketplace then they should be open and honest about what they are selling.

* Are you saying that lower resolution textures and fewer details look better? What the hell are you smoking, Penny?

It will not look "better" in some circumstances. It will not make much of a difference in most circumstances and the trade off is not worth the degradation in the viewer's and network's performance.

* But Penny! My customers are very discerning and demand the most biggest textures and most finest details imaginable.

Fine, but what you do impacts others. You should consider communicating with your customers and offer them choices and alternatives.

* Dammit Penny, I just want to build stuff and not worry so much about all these technical details.

Me too, but this is not about you. It is about a few basic practices and ways to make it easier for us to just muck about and have some fun.

* Penny, you are a cow. I mean, you are literally a cow. Does that not imply that you a furry and your opinion means nothing?


* *Sigh* Not THIS again? Why do you have to bore us with this over and over.

Because what you do impacts me. Unfortunately, this is a community, and we have to share SL. Also, nobody is forcing you to read this. Seriously, just move on and let me rant and get over yourself.

* My products are most precious, and I cannot let those savages change them. Why should I make them mod when those bastards will ruin it?

Those "bastards" are giving you their money in exchange for a little entertainment. If you let them change things in ways that make it a little more enjoyable for them then they will be happier with you.

* But Penny, those idiots will ruin my things, and then will expect me to fix it. What kind of drugs are you on, Penny???

Yeah, some of them will. That is what people in the real world call "customer service," and yes it sucks. Most people are better than that, but people ruin everything. If you do not want to deal with people then maybe selling things to anonymous people on the Internet is not your best option.

* Maybe so, but my things are wonderful as they are. I cannot imagine those savages ruining my pretty things.

Then put your things in a museum behind glass. If you do not want people to touch your things then do not let others have them.
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