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Originally Posted by Penny Patton View Post
Oh, those. You're referring to the same posts about optimizing avatars where I say things like;

"This really isn't something the average SL user should be worrying about."
"I still don't think optimizing an avatar is easy."
"I'm primarily trying to illustrate why avatars tend to have such high draw weight and show that if content creators, the people who make the stuff you're including in all of your outfits, were a bit more motivated to optimize their content, we could all have lower draw weight and higher framerates without having to optimize our avatars at all."

You know, where I've repeatedly stressed how I'm not sharing this information to suggest every SL user should be doing these things to their avatars, but to illustrate how, if content creators were optimizing their work before selling it to you, it would be super easy to throw together an avatar with a low draw weight without even thinking about it.

Where I've repeatedly pointed out that the only reason I'm sharing specifics on how to modify content to lower the draw weight is so that those who do have the modding skills and inclination can do so if they choose?

Why, yes, I can totally see how a reasonable person might read the above statements and come to the conclusion that I mean the exact opposite of what the words I'm posting are saying.*

*No I don't. That was sarcasm. I do not apologize for it.
Why yes, your posts carrying inconsistent disclaimers and often presented in a manner which suggests the doing such modifications are a trivial matter for you (also inconsistent, thankfully) or are not that big a deal

Work on your consistency and presentation.
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