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Originally Posted by Penny Patton View Post
Yes, let's be crystal clear here.

You're saying "Penny, your ideas are great, but they'd never work because LL will do something completely different."

Does anyone else see the problem with this logic?

"People should eat more fruits and vegetables!"
"No they shouldn't! If they did that they would just eat uncooked bacon instead and die of heart attacks. You'll see!"

I honestly don't think you've understood my suggestions if you believe this. Everything I've ever suggested would make SL easier, requiring less time and patience on the part of the average user.
Mkay, not what I said. I said that going by their track record, they'll fuck it up. Not quite the same thing.

I don't quite think you understand the average Second Life user. I understand your suggestions, Penny. The ones I was talking about at that moment had nothing at all to do with what could be implemented at a system level. Your suggestions on modding existing content? Yep, those. You have to have the time and patience for that. Altering textures? Sure, the average user should be able to resize a texture - provided it can be saved to disk first. Outside of that... What makes you think they're going to spend the time lookikg for a similar enough, full permission texture? How about searching the web for the same and then uploading it? Applying it?

That's just to start with.
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